Coworking at Publix: Modern facilities, interesting neighbours, exciting events, the best-quality coffee and a great canteen, right in the heart of Neukölln. A place where you can do great work. 

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Are you interested in a coworking space at Publix? Get in touch with Mia Pascale Bergert!

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Publix will offer 80 coworking desks with state-of-the-art equipment. Those who work here have access to meeting rooms, audio and video recording studios and an exciting in-house network. 

Further details relating to our coworking offerings will be expanded prior to opening.

Are you interested in a workspace at Publix? Get in touch with us!

Inquire about coworking!

Coworking at Publix

We want to empower people who report, research and produce, whose work strengthens journalism and democracy, whose ideas benefit civil society. People who provide others access to reliable information and enable them to participate in the public discourse.

Do you fit that description? Then we would be delighted if you are interested in a working space at Publix. Write us and become a part of the Publix network. We will contact you as soon as we begin the process of assigning spaces. 

Inquire about coworking!

Our benefits

  • Fast WiFi & ethernet connections
  • High-quality equipment & furnishings
  • Fix and Flex Desks
  • Desk sharing
  • Options for meeting rooms and studios
  • On-site canteen
  • Modern production technology
  • Secure access
  • Inspirational encounters
  • Included: tea, coffee, milk, filtered water, telephone rooms

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