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Interview: “A quarter of Germans have migration backgrounds – and that is something viewers should see in our show”

In German slang, the word “checker” means someone who gets it, someone who’s in the know. And Checker Tobi, who hosts a show of the same name on the public broadcaster Bayrischer Rundfunk, is all that. For more than 10 years now, his shows have been delighting elementary school children from many different social backgrounds. How does he teach his audience about democracy?

2023 Nina Grunenberg Fellow: “There Are Often No Experts, Just Deadlines”

Are you looking for a crash course in education journalism? Want to finally get a better understanding of the practical realities of the federal school system so you can discuss it with decisions-makers? The first Nina Grunenberg Fellows focused intently on education issues in 2023. Freelance journalist Birte Gernhardt of Cologne was one of those fellowship recipients. In an interview, she discusses her experiences, from the shocking and interesting to the profoundly gratifying.


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