Nina Grunenberg Fellowship

Since 2024 Publix awards the Nina Grunenberg Fellowship, a further education scholarship for journalists and media professionals, that provides an insight into the German school system.

Collage of Nina Grunenberg Fellows 2024

“The journalist must know his subject in order to be able to ask specific questions (impertinently if necessary).” This was written by Nina Grunenberg, who was considered an expert on education and higher education issues. The fellowship named after her was initiated in 2023 by the Schöpflin Foundation, Wübben Stiftung Bildung and ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS. With the opening of Publix in 2024, the new House for Journalism and the Public Sphere in Berlin will be awarding the scholarship and organize of the program. The Nina Grunenberg Fellowship will continue to be funded by the three initiators.

The fellowship for education journalism is aimed at freelance journalists and those based at local and national media and news agencies. The grant provides funding for journalists and media professionals interested in conducting in-depth reporting on schools and the education system in Germany. 
In two 14-day blocks, the programme provides networking and research opportunities as well as insights into the German school system, state and federal policies, the current state of research as well as contacts to schools, editorial offices, educational facilities, political institutions and much more.  

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