Newsrooms, civil society non-profit organisations and individuals: Within this strong network, we want to find answers to societal and technological questions to strengthen civil society and our democracy.

The following organizations work permanently in our building and help us breathe life into Publix.

How we work together

Those who move into the building – whether on a long-term basis like our residents or temporarily like our coworkers – become part of a network of actors who are pursuing similar goals, but who take radically diverse approaches as they address different target groups.

Becoming a part of Publix means openness to the exchange of knowledge and experience within this network. We want to get to know each other, provide each other with support and join forces to introduce new ideas to the world. And we are convinced that these relationships improve the quality and effectiveness of the work done by everybody at Publix. 

Everyone who uses an office or even just a desk at Publix contributes to life in the building – by conducting a background interview in the canteen, leading a conference on stage in the Forum, offering workshops or recording a podcast in one of our studios.

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Are you interested in becoming a part of this network with your organization? Then please get in touch with Mia Pascale Bergert!

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