Publix receives funding approval for Technology Journalism Fellowship

The Publix Technology Journalism Fellowship is one of five projects selected for funding as part of the federal government's funding programme for the protection and structural support of journalistic work in Germany.

The Publix Technology Journalism Fellowship will enable journalists to deepen their knowledge in the areas of technology and technology policy as part of a further education programme. For example, they will gain insights into software programmes and learn about programming algorithms. The programme is being developed with leading tech journalists.

The free press is under increasing pressure worldwide. However, independent journalism is fundamental to a democratic society. Since 2021, the federal government has been committed to strengthening the structural conditions for journalistic work via a funding programme. From 48 applications in the second funding round, Publix's Technology Journalism Fellowship has now been selected as one of five projects to receive funding. An independent jury of experts chaired by the Director of the European Federation of Journalists, Renate Schroeder, selected the projects for funding.

You can find more information on the website of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions or interest in co-operating with the Fellowship? Then send your thoughts to our colleague Juliane Schallau: juliane.schallau[at]

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